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Welcome!  Nice to meet you!  How can we help with your Good Life dreams?

Is it a kitchen that inspires your culinary appetite or entertaining aspirations, a tranquil master bath retreat that soothes and re-freshens, or a home office or living space that promotes family bonds in these busy times? 

Many are inspired by healthy living environments while others seek opportunity for flexible living space to grow and adapt to their changing needs.

Listening...really listening, to the inspirations and goals that drive your project is where our success begins.  Having the creative vision, resources and technical knowledge to lead you there is how we ultimately fulfill your success and ours.

Green Design & Sustainability Consulting

Good Life New England practices and supports the important social movement toward green and sustainable business and lifestyle practices.  While many of our clients bring green living as a key objective for their project, we acknowledge that others feel the broad scope of environmental issues out there have seemingly little impact on their lives.

Good Life New England focuses on two environmental aspects that have tangible impacts on nearly everyone: INDOOR HEALTH and ENERGY PERFORMANCE.

Scituate Harbor


Our society has learned many lessons over time and we are all familiar with health concerns related to things like lead paint and asbestos, once commonly found in our homes.  While there is much we've learned, there are many products in our homes of which we may not yet have a full understanding.  This is not to say we should fear everything, but it can help to be thoughtful of the products we select and use, knowing what goes into them, may come out of them. 

Good Life New England practices an awareness of these concerns and offers resources for professional services and products that support healthy indoor environments for our clients


As a society we're used to considering the performance qualities of so many things in our everyday lives.  Our technology devices and automobiles must have the latest high-performance features like the newest apps or the best MPG rating.  

How often though, is thought given to the performance characteristics of the homes we live in everyday?  Our greatest investment category often captures the least of our attention when it comes to performance.

Good Life New England owner Glenn Meader is among a growing number of leading professionals in the residential design and construction industry who are paying great attention to this important issue. 

Glenn has built new construction under the Energy Star for New Homes program, actively supported the adoption of the “stretch energy code,” and attained training as a Certified Green Professional by the National Association of Home Builders.

Good Life New England Green Kitchen

The field of building science is rapidly growing and changing with the evolution of new products and construction methods continually improving.  Good Life New England collaborates with a variety of building science experts to ensure our clients have the best opportunities for healthy indoor living and energy performance.

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