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Hanover, MA 02339
United States


Welcome!  Nice to meet you!  How can we help with your Good Life dreams?

Is it a kitchen that inspires your culinary appetite or entertaining aspirations, a tranquil master bath retreat that soothes and re-freshens, or a home office or living space that promotes family bonds in these busy times? 

Many are inspired by healthy living environments while others seek opportunity for flexible living space to grow and adapt to their changing needs.

Listening...really listening, to the inspirations and goals that drive your project is where our success begins.  Having the creative vision, resources and technical knowledge to lead you there is how we ultimately fulfill your success and ours.

what's behind the name...and the logo?

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The Adirondack chair symbolically represents our business values. Its simple, yet clever form speaks to our value for creative intelligence. Its once common construction in long-lasting cedar, which could be locally sourced, conveys our values for enduring craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

To us, these chairs also represent the "Good Life."  They invite you to relax and enjoy, sitting for peaceful moments in the sun or gathering among family and friends. 

— Albert Einstein